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A Guide to Repairing your Stool's Legs' Plugs

zoom of stool with plug
You are probably here because your caps on your bar stool's legs have deteriorated to the point that you need to fix them. Often an unprotected stool foot can not only damage the stool, but it can also damage your tile, wood, or floors in general. Not to mention, if they are metal, the can even scratch people, dogs, or cats.

Well you are in luck, this is the place to learn how to properly repair them, and have them look as good as new again. This procedure will also work great for chairs. Let's move on the the repair steps, and save those floors.

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Step 1: Get the Right Replacement Plug for your Stool Leg

stool foot plugThere are many different kinds of plugs, caps, and pads that could be used to repair the bottom of a stools' legs. Below we will go over everything that can be used to repair that high chair's feet.


Measure stool plug diameterPlugs are by far the best way to repair the end of a stool's legs. In fact, the rest of this tutorial will focus on fixing your stool with plugs.

The most important thing is to make sure you get the right size plug. Most of the plugs are measured by outside diameter. So be sure to measure the OUTSIDE diameter as shown to the right with a 1 inch plug.

The only problem with plugs is that they are very hard to find in quantities of less than 100. That is how I got them for my stools, and I have a lot of left overs.

If you would like, you can buy your leftovers from me directly through paypal or you can buy them from the The Stool Leg Plugs Store.


My least favorite way of fixing stool legs is to use felt pads. These sticky pads are the easiest way to fix a stools foot and keep it from rubbing on your floor, but they are also the most frustrating in the long run. These pads easily come off over time, and they tend to have things stick to them over time. Eventually, you will notice dust and hair that looks like it growing out of the bottom of your stool.


You can replace your stool's plugs with caps, but I don't think they look as nice as plugs, and they tend to break faster. They are easy to install though. Just make sure to get the right size.

Step 2: Remove the Old Plugs

Needle Nose PliersTo remove the old plugs you will need needle nose pliers and a screwdriver. If you are lucky you will simple be able to grab the old plastic plug with the needle nose pliers and pull it out. Sometimes, however, the plugs are glued in during manufacturing of stool. For this you will need to use the screw driver to pry the plastic away from the inside of the chair leg.

The prying can be hard to do, and take some time. If some of the old plastic falls into the stool leg, it is not a big deal. You can leave it there, and it won't cause any problems.

Step 3: Insert the new plugs

Finish LineOk, you are to the finish line. Now all you have to do is insert the new plug into the bottom of your stool's leg. If you get the right kind of plug (like the ones sold above) you will not need any glue.

You're done.

Step 4: Sit, Relax

Sit on a stoolYou're done, so now you can take a load off and enjoy your repaired stool.